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Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web is a no-cost online reputation service. This service is designed to help users in discovering malicious websites and to fight from online threats including viruses, malware, phishing etc. Using automated analysis and user feedbacks, Norton delivers this information to the users. Also, it uses Symantec’s Remote URL Reputation Service. Norton updates this service after a specific interval with the latest threat intelligence.

Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web with the help of their servers analyzes the websites. Subsequently, it discovers the impact of the website on the user, their data and computer. Thus, you will get the ultimate protection from the stealing of your personal information by various sites. Also, it prevents you from the sites that can send malicious files to your device and further damage your device.

Norton Safe Web will warn you whenever you try to land on a malicious and dangerous website. Hence, this will provide you with a safe computing experience. To provide further safety, it automatically blocks dangerous sites and pages.  

Why Norton Safe Web?

 Norton Safe Web is a must to use service because of its ultimate features and protection. Below are some reasons why you should avail this service. They will help you to understand the importance of Norton Safe-web in enhancing your surfing experience.

  • It is a free service which analyzes the level of security the website provides and tells if a website is safe from threats or not.
  • This service will provide protection from stealing of sensitive and personal information. Norton Safe Web also protects financial assets to get stolen.
  • You will automatically get the web results.
  • Norton Safeweb goes to the websites and does proper analyzes of it. After that, it informs you whether that site is safe or not. 

Subsequently, the users get the idea of which site to visit and which to avoid. 

  • To provide a better understanding of the safety level of the website, Norton safeweb delivers the safety ratings on all the search results. 
  • Also, if you are a web owner, then you can also submit your website for evaluation. 

Norton Safe Web is a perfect way to improve your knowledge and experience of using the internet. Hence, you must enable this service on your systems. 

Enabling Norton Safe Web On Your Device

Below are the process for both Windows and Mac devices. Carefully follow each step and provide your data and system with ultimate protection.

Note: For enabling Norton Safeweb on your device, you have to upgrade your mac operating system. Mac OS X 10.9 or earlier doesn’t support Norton extensions.  


  • Open your Safari browser after installing Norton software. 
  • Subsequently, a browser protection page will get open in a new tab.
  • Now, select the Norton extensions you want to add. 
  • Then, click “Install”.
  • After that, follow all the on-screen instructions to completely add the Norton extension on your Safari browser.


  • After installing Norton software on your device. Open your web browser.
  • Consequently, you will see a browser protection page in a new tab.
  • Then, select the Norton Safe Web extension and other extensions that you want to add on your device. 
  • Now, if you are using Mozilla Firefox, then click “Enable”. Or

If you are a Google Chrome users, then you need to click the “Click to Add” option.

  • Thereafter, go along with the on-screen instructions.  

This will add Norton Safeweb extension to your web browser. Now, you will get notified every time you head to a website which is dangerous for your data and system. This will result in complete protection of your device from various online threats while you are using the web browser.

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